A Delicious Fiber Bar Can Help with Digestion and Satisfying Hunger

Getting children to eat nutritious food can be a big task at times. The most common reason children refuse to eat healthy food is because kids say food isn’t tasty enough. It’s no secret that kids love food that tastes good and vivaNUTRITION®’s SUPER FIBER Chia Bars are that delicious snack bar they’ll be excited to eat. Created on their passion for healthy food and nutrition, vivaNUTRITION® produces natural, delicious and nutritious supplements and foods for children. Our professional team of experts created the best kind of nutritional supplements needed for your child’s growth and development.

vivaNUTRITION®’s Super Fiber Chia bars

Making sure your children have enough fiber in their diet can indeed be tough. Many kids refuse to eat their vegetables, which can result in fiber deficiency, and our Super Fiber bars will help children get enough fiber while loving what they’re eating.

vivaNUTRITION® Super Fiber Bars are made from 100 percent natural ingredients and contain both chia and oats. Chia seeds contain omega-3 fats which have various health benefits for children’s behavioral, attentional, and emotional health and these nutritive seed are also excellent for development of bones and tissue.* Chia seeds are delicious and pack a punch of energy that can help with your children’s daily activities.

Oats are whole grains which contain high amounts of fiber as well as nutrients. These grains contain slow-burning carbohydrates which help satiate your child’s hunger and keep them full for a longer period of time. They also steadily provide energy through the day, giving your child the energy they need for their studies and sports activities. The fiber in oats helps with digestion, helps in the easy movement of food through the digestive system and prevents complications including constipation.*

Why you should choose vivaNUTRITION®’s Super Fiber bars

We make sure our Super Fiber bars are made from completely natural ingredients. They are rich in fibers, antioxidants and proteins, thus providing your children with the energy they need for their day-to-day activities. Chia seeds and oats help with digestion and satiety so your kids don’t get hungry too soon.*

vivaNUTRITION®  Super Fiber bars come in two delicious flavors – Blueberry & Carrot and Raspberry & Red Beet

  • Blueberries are rich in anti-oxidants which benefit the immune system and improve eyesight and brain power.*
  • Carrots contain high amounts of beta-carotene, which is also necessary for improved eyesight and immune system.*
  • Raspberries are very high in Vitamin C  and other anti-oxidants and contain Vitamins B6 and folate, along with fibers and minerals.*
  • Red Beet also contains vitamins B6, C, as well as important minerals such as iron and magnesium.*

Your children are sure to love vivaNUTRITION® Super Fiber bars, they’re natural, nutritious and delicious. You can purchase them here.