Probiotics: Are They All Equal?

Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when ingested, bring health benefits to the human body. Did you know that there are over 400 different types of healthy microbes in the human gut? They destroy harmful bacteria and encourage a healthy digestive system.

But it’s important to note that not all probiotics are the same. While they help in many ways, there are specific ones you want to pay attention to. For example, the bifidobacterium animalis subspecies lactis 12 strain (BB-12®→* for short) is one of the ‘healthy’ bacteria.

Functions of BB-12®

BB-12®→ stimulates the production of enzymes which break down matter that is still undigested.

It also has the same effect on blockages in the intestinal system, and helps stool pass through the bowels by ‘lubricating’ their movement. It also helps peristalsis, which is the scientific name for the contraction/constriction and relaxation of intestinal muscles that push the contents of intestinal canals forward.

BB-12®→ is also great for repairing the gut lining and promoting gut wall cell growth.

Advantages of BB-12®
Some of the possible positive effects of this probiotic are:

  • Supports your immune system*
  • Supports stomach comfort*
  • Supports proper, normal bowel function
  • Supports positive, normal mood in young children
  • Promotes healthy respiratory system*
  • Supports healthier, smoother skin*
  • Unlike other strains, BB-12®is very stable in Food applications and in powders, such as our vivaNUTRITION® formulation.

Why choose vivaNUTRITION® Probiotics that contain BB-12®?

BB-12®→ is not an artificial compound. It is naturally-occurring and can be found in a lot of dairy products (this is the real reason why milk is fed to growing children). This isolated strain of bacteria has been used in food products and nutritional supplements since 1985, and its benefits have been demonstrated in over 100 clinical studies. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted it a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status.

VivaNUTRITION® is manufactured in collaboration with Chr. Hansen, a company world leader in collecting dairy cultures, at their GMP-compliant facilities in Denmark. vivaNUTRITION® products contain BB-12®→ help children overcome diarrhea, gas and bloating (thank you healthy bacteria). BB-12®→ is also considered to be the best probiotic for constipation, so you can be sure that it will help your kid if he/she has this problem.

Not only does it do away with a lot of illnesses, it also prevents them from recurring. Did you know that 80% of your immune system lies in your gut? BB-12®→ boosts the growth of other healthy bacteria in the gut – this is how immune response is improved and skin / respiratory tract infections are reduced. We focus on producing natural, heathy and delicious product with a balanced nutritional profile. VIVA →Probiotics with BB-12®has been formulated by a team of nutritional experts who ensure that it is present in the right percentage for your child, along with a host of other ingredients that are beneficial as well.

We make our probiotics delicious so your kids will love the taste of vivaNUTRITION®. Its nutrition-rich content will give them the energy the need to run, jump and play around. Happier tummies and healthier children make for more relaxed parents. Now moms and dads won’t have to worry about their children having tummy trouble or falling ill as often. You can buy them here: